Dec 8, 2017

The Vince McMahon is turned on by syllables episode

Back at full strength the trio at Bros B4 Elbows returns for yet another action packed episode. We have WWE drama mixed with real life suspense to make a new podcast that will Doomsday Device your ears to their core. Lots of chicken wing talk, Brock Lesnar fatigue, Matt Hardy woken hype, Infinity War anticipation, Clash of Champions build and more in episode 68.0 of The Bros B4 Elbows show! 


Nov 17, 2017

The Survivor Series Comeback Episode

Yo, your Bros are back. After a 42 day absence the trio at Bros B4 Elbows is ready to enter the WarGames!!!! If WarGames was the world of pro wrestling podcasts. In their triumphant comeback the Bros preview and pick every Survivor Series 2017 match, conduct their own Survivor Series fantasy draft, mourn the release of James Ellsworth, try to figure out if Brock Lesnar is phoning it in and more. Join us in the double ring, double steel cage known as the Bros B4 Elbows show.


Oct 5, 2017

The Highway to What the Hell Episode

October here, the smell of pumpkin spice, the image of falling leaves and an audio elbow drop from Bros B4 Elbows are here. On the go-home show to Hell in a Cell, all three bros are back on the mic and focused on breaking down the world of pro wrestling; kind of. Picks for all eight matches this Sunday, thoughts on a Shield reunion, Money in the bank cash ins, a Brock Lesnar fist fight and more climb the cell alongside the team at Bros B4 Elbows. 


Sep 29, 2017

The No Mercy Fallout/Tommy’s Bday Episode

Tommy takes a break from the show to celebrate his Birthday and relax in his new home. T-Money and The Producer Anthony tag team together to take on the show. Talking about the No Mercy PPV fallout and marking out hard on the Bullet Club. Too Sweet and Very good. 


Sep 21, 2017

The Respect the Promo Episode

Dedicated to the memory of the late, great Bobby "The Brain" Heenan it's episode 62.0 of The Bros B4 Elbows Show. With WWE's No Mercy network special airing this Sunday, the trio grab their N64 controllers and book themselves into a ladder match preview of the card. Hanging above the ring are picks for all seven matches on the pay-per-view. The art of the promo, classic pro wrestling video games, the future of Braun Strowman, Asuka's debut  and more climb to the top of the ladder in this No Mercy go-home edition of The Bros B4 Elbows Show. 


Sep 7, 2017

The Roman Reigns is a can of green beans Episode

Rest In Peace, pour out a 40 ounce on the curb, and read the Bros B4 Elbows obituary on the pro wrestling promotion formally known as TNA/Impact/GFW. Our beef with GFW comes to the end with our hands held high over a fallen six sided body. On Episode 61.0 of the Bros B4 Elbows show we tag in with Sexy Star armbars, Double J stunners, Ellsworth vs. Enzo super-fights, Mae Young Classic takes and a fierce debate on the nutritional value of Roman Reigns. Sit down at the table and elbow drop your manners on this edition of the BB4E Club. 


Aug 31, 2017

The We Pitch Storylines to WWE Episode

What happens when you hand the keys to the WWE to your favorite podcast Bros? The WWE Universe is driven up, under, over and off the rails. In an attempt to fix all the WWE's wrongs in one 60 minute show, the trio at Bros B4 Elbows puts their heads together to make the world of pro wrestling a better place. Askua vs. the world, Cody Rhodes rise to the top, Sexy Star's keeping it real, the return again of CM Punk and more gets shoehorned into the WWE's new creative team AKA The Bros B4 Elbows Show 


Aug 25, 2017

The Asuka’s collarbone, our broken hearts episode

Not so much a show as it was a therapy session for your bros. Thanks to the fallout from both SummerSlam and NXTTakover, the Bros B4 Elbows trio have a hour to talk through their issues inside the WWE Universe. Boxed into a corner the bros come out swinging before a NXT spoiler rocks them to their core. Will BB4E return for another week, Brock vs. Bones Jones, future of The Shield, Jinder's unstoppable run and more eat a triple elbow drop to the heart on this week's Bros B4 Elbows show! 


Aug 17, 2017

The Corbin is a ham sandwich SummerSlam preview Episode

The biggest, hottest card of the summer needs some next level analysis from the Bros B4 Elbows trio. Complete with a live musical guest (no, seriously it happened) the Bros tackled not one but two WWE cards going down this weekend in Brooklyn. First all twelve matches from SummerSlam are broken and predicted. From the fatal-four way main event to the crowning of Shinsuke Nakamura to everything in between, SummerSlam 2017 is a stacked card. Finally the Bros eat some chair shots, climb to the top rope for an epic NXT Takeover preview filled with accents, character run-ins, legit crying and more.


Aug 11, 2017

The CM Punk joins the f*%$ing Bullet Club Episode

Excuse the Bros B4 Elbows team for a delayed episode due to the trio swinging their pants over their head in celebration. On a very special Thursday night Thunder edition of the show, your favorite podcast bros deep dive into fantasy booking; and oh what a dream it is. Enzo Amore heat, Brock Lesnar title plans, a Shield reunion are all elbowed on before the show is hijacked by the grandest Bullet Club-CM Punk-WWE invasion storyline of all-time. Play "Cult of Personality" on a loop as you listen to episode 56.0 of The Bros B4 Elbows show!!! 


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