Aug 6, 2020

The Fries Fest Episode

Change is the law life. Its been a weird last five months in life and in pro wrestling. 

When the chips are down your fav pro wrestling podcasting trio is back to make one more run at it. On episode 124.0 of the Bros B4 Elbows show, pro wrestling is discussed, but also what exactly is going on in the world around us? 

Adam Cole’s future, fan-less sporting events, Impact wrestling gaining momentum, fast food fries power rankings, Marty Jannetty returning for Crown Jewel, and more topics get their curtain call.

Live from our new Zoom studios, it’s a brand new Bros B4 Elbows show.

Jul 23, 2020

The Son of Giant González Episode

Did Vince McMahon really pitch to the Undertaker a match with the son of Giant González? If this did happen, then why has no one informed the Bros B4 Elbows of this very important, late breaking news? On episode 123.0 of the Bros B4 Elbows,your favorite podcast trio navigates the waters of the pro wrestling world the only way they know how; while wearing a full body suit that features airbrushed muscles with bushy hair attached. Makes sense. WWE blowing it during a pandemic, kind of sleeping on Extreme Rules, Impact's free agent spending spree, Kanye's run for president live from Wyoming, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more timely topics get the elbow drop of doom. Relive our own Chamber of Horrors AKA the bros versus Skype, on another edition of the Bros B4 Elbows show.  

Jul 10, 2020

The Half-Life of a Hot-N-Ready Episode

Masks off, but masks on? Figuratively your favorite pro wrestling podcast have taken their masks, but literally that means the Bros B4 Elbows show now comes in video form. As we place our finest Lucha Libra masks over our nose and mouth, the bros continue to experiment with the magic of moving pictures. On episode 123.0, pro wrestling actually gets discussed. How not to ruin a NXT call-up in 10 days, AEW's place in the Wednesday night war, that angry Cost-Co guy being a really bad promo, the good and bad of social media, our unwavering love for Heel Bayley and Adam Cole, and more topics get the respect they deserve. Consume this podcast in 56 minutes or less and your pizza is free, only on a brand new episode of the Bros B4 Elbows show.

May 14, 2020

The No Mercy & Origin Episode

Every story has to start somewhere. For reasons we don’t really understand, this was the episode where your favorite pro wrestling podcast featuring three brothers decided to discuss their own origin story. 


Not just the early days of recording the show, instead episode 122.0 travels back to 1998 to discuss the very beginning. Playing WWF No Mercy, breaking a week old bed due to Razor’s Edge gone wrong, WCW pay-per-views and lots of pizza, and more jump in our own DeLorean to talk life as pro wrestling fans in the late 90s. 


Oh, and Otis becoming Mr. Money Bank, Askua’s place in history, prerecorded ladder matches, and one host flying on an airplane during a global pandemic get some shine as well. 


A Bros B4 Elbows origin story? Hey, it only took us 122 episodes.

Apr 30, 2020

The Pro Wrestling Asterisk Episode

Cockroaches, Twinkies, and pro wrestling are the three forces that will outlast us all. While still adjusting to our new pro wrestling normal, it may be time to slap an asterisk on the whole last two months of WWE, NXT, and AEW programming.
On the latest episode of the Bros B4 Elbows show, we ask if crowd-less wrestling shows are driving more fans away than they are retaining a captive, and quarantined, audience. What are we really doing here and is the escape of pro wrestling television just causing more questions than answers? 
Episode 120.0 doesn't know where it is going, but it does know where its been.   
Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels, the Ruthless Aggression era, how old is the Undertaker, Edge's epic WWE 24 show, the British Bulldog's legacy and more topics step on over to the hand washing station that is the Bros B4 Elbows podcast.

Apr 16, 2020

The WWE Has Burned All Its Goodwill Episode

Hey, remember when WWE was riding high off of a successful two night WrestleMania 36 weekend run? We don’t either. 


Not sure if your Bros are sad, mad, or just flat out disappointed with every single step WWE has taken over the last two weeks, but we’re here to talk about it all. Episode 119.0 of the show stumbles into WWE’s massive layoffs over the last few days. How did we get here? What could have WWE done differently to prevent such a massive PR blunder coupled with the darkest side of a corporation being soulless? 


Who’s potential did WWE squander the most, possible landing spots for new free agents, why Zack Ryder deserved better, how could they mess up EC3 at every single turn, in memory of blowing it with Rusev Day, and so many more topics get future endeavored this week. 


The Bros B4 Elbows team has seen a lot, but we still don’t know what to make of it. Be confused with your fav trio of pro wrestling podcasting brothers on a brand new episode of the Bros B4 Elbows show. 

Apr 9, 2020

The We Were Very Wrong Episode


What is sketchy the world of housing exotic animals or pro wrestling? For some people the Tiger King was their WrestleMania, for your Bros, WrestleMania was shockingly good. Maybe the best Showcase of the Immortals over the last five years took place in front of zero fans, over the course of two nights. 


On episode 118.0 of the Bros B4 Elbows we admit how wrong we were about previewing WrestleMania 36. WWE stumbled every way possible but still stuck the landing. Life in quarantine, Tiger King questions, a Boneyard versus a Funhouse, the legacy of New Jack, WWE’s “show must go on” attitude, and more get sheltered in place. 


What a long, strange trip it’s been, so let’s talk through all of it on a brand new episode of the Bros B4 Elbows show. 

Apr 2, 2020

The Weird WrestleMania 36 Roundtable Episode

This still doesn’t feel like a WrestleMania week, but we’re here. 

In the shadow of live events and cities shutting down around them, WWE is holding WrestleMania 36 this weekend. As opposed to a special extravaganza episode, your Bros hosted a weird roundtable instead. 

On the Weird WrestleMania 36 Roundtable edition of the Bros B4 Elbows show, we actually talk about pro wrestling? Well after some podcasting audio tips, quarantine-a-mania hobbies, Zoom birthday calls, pro wrestling Dungeons & Dragons games, and more topics get socially distanced. 

Oh, and we make picks for all 16 WrestleMania 36 matches as well as lock in our predictions for the main event of WrestleMania 37 next year and WrestleMania 38 two years from now.

Come spend WrestleMania weekend with your Bros on a very weird episode of the Bros B4 Elbows show.

Mar 27, 2020

So I guess we should talk about pro wrestling?

With the worlds of sport, entertainment, and most of pro wrestling grinding to a halt, your Bros are here to banter like they have never bantered before. Well two out of three Bros B4 Elbows stablemates are here and a lot of the tall circles back to COVID-19, but other than that? A completely normal pro wrestling podcast. 

Episode 117.0 features a whole lot of social distancing, self quarantine entertainment, sports memories, WrestleMania questions, and general end of days style rants. 

Elbow drop your friends? Maybe not this week on a brand new Bros B4 Elbows Show. 

Mar 19, 2020

The (Stay) In Your House Episode

What does the world of pro wrestling do when the rest of the planet has essentially stopped? Your Bros are not quite sure, but we’re here this week to try and figure it. 

On episode 116.0 of the Bros B4 Elbows show, we try to navigate how COVID-19 has impacted each of us but also the ever changing landscape of pro wrestling. Are AEW and WWE doing the right thing by plowing ahead while all forms of sports and entertainment have to come to halt? We think we know but we mostly have no idea. 

A half baked WrestleMania 36 moving forward, AEW adding Brodie Lee and Matt Hardy, a whole of COVID-19, and more topics get socially distanced on a brand new Bros B4 Elbows episode. 

Stay safe out there everyone. 

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